Belize : A new Journey Destination

Belize City is the largest city in the small country of Belize, an industrial port, and a mainstay on the cruise ship circuit. With a population of around 70,000, its considered more of a small-big city, more of a place where people go to relax than it is a place for a lot of excitement.

Belize City’s biggest attractions are its island beaches. It doesn’t take long to get to any of them, and its most popular beach is called San Pedro Town, which has also become a major tourist attraction of its own. Other beaches in the area include Caye Caulker, Hopkins, and Placencia Peninsula. One of the resorts right outside of Belize City, Seas Guesthouse, has its own quality beach, which is called Cucumber Beach.

Quite a couple of museums in Belize Metropolis, the Museum of Belize, which is known for its extensive number of Mayan artifacts within what once was a colonial prison, and the actual Marine and Coastal Zone Museums. There a commercial district with a lot of small shops and restaurants too.

There are also a few attractions which visitors will dsicover interesting. One of those things will be the only manual swing bridge on the planet, which spans the area between Haulover Creek along with the Belize River, and is only activated twice each day, once at 5: 30 EVENING, which is when tourists will gather to find out how it operates. Another attraction could be the Fore George Lighthouse, built on top of a French fort in this 18th century. Near the lighthouse you’ll still see cannons that have been set up, but never must be used.

Belize City is a comfortable set up a small country with outlets to numerous relaxing islands and it offer some peace and tranquility whether you’re stopping by on a short visit via a cruise or looking to stay a couple of days.

Belize has it all, especially if you’re looking for a great beach vacation destination. There are island beaches, museums, rivers, creeks and manual swing bridge, restaurants and so much more. If you’re looking for a sweet destination to relax and enjoy life, Belize is certainly an option.

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